5G and the Internet of Things

How will 5G benefit the Internet of Things (IoT) market, or will IoT not immediately require the added network enhancements that 5G promises? And what of today’s LTE networks? What role does cellular play when there are so many low-range applications for IoT as well as dedicated low-power wide area networks? NB-IoT has now been standardised by 3GPP and promises to fulfil cellular operators’ IoT demands for the foreseeable future, but it is still just a transport mechanism – so how do standards such as oneM2M contribute to the global rollout of IoT? Finally, we take a look at the insurance sector and how it is making early use of IoT in Italy.

Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO and Founder, Aeris
Andreas Neubacher, CTO SGP, Standardization & IPR Management, Deutsche Telekom
Matteo Carbone, Principal, Bain & Company Italy

Filmed at: 5G World, London, 2016

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