Google Marketing Live 2022: Philippines | See how Google can help you meet your business objectives.

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Be among the first to hear how Google can help you meet your business objectives in an AI-powered, privacy-safe manner at Google Marketing Live 2022: Philippines.

Discover how key themes of privacy, measurement, and automation inform the next generation of Ads Products. ]

00:00 Countdown and Introduction to GML
01:25 Welcome to GML by Scott Beaumont
06:36 Be Ready for What’s Next by Jerry Dischler
10:40 Grow Your Customer Base by Roma D Chobey & Case Study by WPP India
18:32 Increase Your Revenue by Taewon Kim & Case Study by Vodafone Australia
24:46 Maximise Your Profit by Paula Wang & Case Study by Traveloka Indonesia
31:05 Future-proof Your Growth by Jackie Wang
36:38 Closing Address by Scott Beaumont

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