Best CPA in Milpitas San Jose Bay Area Silicon Valley

Best CPA in Milpitas San Jose Bay Area Silicon Valley
Best CFP in Milpitas San Jose Bay Area Silicon Valley
Phone: 408-430-7326

Why are we different than other tax & accounting firms?

Sean is a CPA and CFP®. Only 4% of CPAs are holding CFP® Certificate thus it is a very unique and limited. Ben Franklin says “Failing to Plan is Planning to FAIL!”- As our mission is NOT to provide low quality services to a large number of clients. BUT to provide a high quality service (Saving taxes and maximize refund) to certain limited business and high net-worth individual clients with reasonable price.

We provide not only normal CPA firm services (tax return preparation and bookkeeping), but also accounting, tax, financial education, and consulting services for all types of business entities and families (like high net worth individuals and middle class families), with a minimum review fee. So all business owners, management levels, and individuals can self-prepare their accounting book and tax returns with our consulting supports, and save on their accounting, tax preparation fees and payroll expenses.

The Strengths of Our Firm

are customized CFO services and one-stop financial comprehensive services to U.S. and international clients. Our professionals have varied experience levels in excess of many years each, with backgrounds that include key positions with big firms, leadership roles in professional, and international consultancy projects. We provide services to small business owners and their bookkeepers for the purpose of improving their success. We are dedicated to your business growth and profitability through education and support.

We are

a San Francisco Bay area based Accounting and Financial Education Firm. We provide accounting, financial education, and financial consulting services: such as attestation, tax preparation, business planning, exchange of quality business referral service, and outsourced accounting services to many of the businesses in the U.S.

Sean, CPA CFP®, the founder, has been recognized as one of the unique financial advisors who holds both Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner® certifications. He has more than 17 years of financial accounting, tax and financial advisory experiences, with a broad background in accounting, finance and taxation. He has extensive experience helping clients develop and maintain long-term strategies for preserving and enhancing business assets and their wealth.

​Sean is an Executive Financial Advisor. We provide comprehensive accounting, tax, and financial advisory services to individuals, families of substantial wealth, and various profit entities. His primary responsibility is overseeing the strategic accounting, tax, and financial advices provided to clients located all over the United States and foreign countries.

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