Best Western Costa Rica San Jose Down Town

I felt like I was in the middle of a dump. Photos 1 through 6 were taken from the 4th floor of Best Western hotel located in down town of San Jose, Costa Rica. Photos 7 through 9 were taken in the nearby areas. You can see hotel on each of those pictures.

I was advised to stay away from the surrounding the hotel areas and use a taxi even during daytime. Otherwise I could have become a victim of a robbery or an assault. Soon after on the Internet I found dozens of reviews describing the hotel and neighboring areas. Almost all of them express serious safety concerns. The reviews mention gang activities in the area. Some of the reviews describe shootings in the areas close to the hotel.

Best Western provides awful service there. They hired a contractor that offers tours. Name of the contractor is Gray Line. Cassie Hanson from Best Western Headquarters insists — “We don’t have any affiliation with Gray Line”. This is strange because Gray Line has a desk in the hotel lobby. Unnoticed intruders? Gray Line canceled a 14 hour tour I was very interested in without giving any notification. They promised I would go on that same tour next day. They lied. They never apologized and they did not offer a different tour. They also refused to return my money.

According to Cassie Hanson from Best Western they “will continue to do our best”. As part of doing their best they refused my request to address public safety issue and post info on criminal situation in the area surrounding the hotel.

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