Today we meet up with Konan, owner of Hom kitchen in downtown San Jose on 76 E Santa Clara St. The food at HOM kitchen is high-quality Korean BBQ that’s made fresh with many organic, [More]
Thanks for joining me at the best AYCE Korean BBQ spot in San Jose: Goku KBBQ and Hot Pot! Goku offers both hot pot and KBBQ for AYCE, though I opted for KBBQ this time. [More]
Oh boy… this Bonchon location was really impressive. I tried their Spicy Chicken fried rice, japchae, bulgogi, parmesan french fries, crunchy potstickers, and their Korean fried chicken! Did you guys know that “Bonchon” means “my [More]
Gen Korean BBQ House In Pacific Rim Plaza 1628 Hostetter Rd f San Jose, California 95131 408-477-2773
Gen Korean Barbecue in San Jose California.
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