San Jose Criminal Defense Attorneys

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At the law office of Valencia, Ippolito and Bowman we provide quality criminal defense to clients in the greater San Jose area. Our experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system makes us one of the leading forces in criminal defense in San Jose, California.
A good criminal defense attorney should have a proven track record seeking justice for their clients, and the resources available to get that done in a professional, ethical, and timely manner. Our San Jose criminal attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of cases of misdemeanor and felony jury trials. We have won numerous awards, and have been named the top 2008 Criminal Defense Firm of the Year by San Jose Magazine.
We handle cases such as capital murder, domestic disputes, drug crimes, DUI, felonies, gang-related cases, 3 strikes, and white collar crimes that have occurred in San Jose. We also effectively handle bookings, arraignments, and trials, and understand the California criminal justice system like no other law firm in San Jose. Each of our attorneys brings a specialization that will help you in your defense. Personal service, communication, and aggressive defense are demonstrated time and time again by our high number of winning cases, and by the referrals we receive from past clients.
Valencia, Ippolito and Bowmans professional demeanor, including that of our exceptional support staff, gives us an excellent reputation among our peers in the legal community, including opposing counsel, prosecutors, and judges. We work with a team of experts, investigators, and legal researchers to prepare, present, and win your criminal case.

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