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Paper Titile: AutiLife: A Healthcare Monitoring System for Autism Center in 5G Cellular Network using Machine Learning Approach Authors names and affiliations: 1. Md. Ibrahim Mamun Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Asia [More]
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We demonstrate a 5G use case at Mobile World Congress of tactile robotic surgery. With 5G enabled, haptic touch technology, robotic surgery lets remote surgeons actually feel tissue, creating new frontiers in remote health care.
The City Council will consider requesting additional federal studies of the potentially harmful health impacts of 5G wireless communication technologies on Wednesday.
The migration from 4G to 5G to reach high speed, low power and low latency for massive IoT, tactile internet and robotics deployment
At MWC 2016, Huawei presented five major topics: 4.5G, NB-IoT, 5G, Small Cell, Video and Digital Operations to showcase its innovation in Wireless. Learn about what we presented to world’s leading telecom operators, industry associations [More]
Experience new IoT business models in action, with innovative global communities and eco-system partners.
The medical industry is starting to realise the ways IoT can help with improving healthcare through the use of connected devices, says Flex’s Dr. Kal Patel.
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We are expecting 5G to be launched in India in 2020 and at present, there are a lot of demos being showcased to show its impact. One such case scenario that was showcased at India [More]
Professor Mischa Dohler, Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, Kings College London Rather than bringing the world into our smartphones, we are now at the point of bringing comms-based technology out into the world. [More]
IoT is transforming healthcare as we know it: from telemedicine to augmented reality to AI. Explore the Future of Healthcare with Cisco.
We’re delivering actionable insights to customers using IoT solutions.
What happens when the slow-to-change US healthcare system embraces the Internet of Things? A potential $30 billion industry is born. Goldman Sachs Research’s David Roman, senior US Medical Technology equity research analyst, explains where we [More]
On July 19, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted a panel to discuss the technologies that will define 5G and how they influence health care. (transcript available) Subscribe! Follow Brookings on social media! Facebook: [More]
On July 19, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted a panel to discuss the technologies that will define 5G and how they influence health care. (transcript available) Subscribe! Follow Brookings on social media! Facebook: [More]
Philips Patient Monitoring system is designed to help you improve patient care, drive clinical performance, and lower costs. This integrated solution fits securely into your hospital’s IT environment to capture virtually gap-free patient data and [More]