Elon Musk believes that Tesla Autonomous Driving is far ahead of the competition. Using cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, and more, Tesla may be further ahead in the self driving race that most people think. [More]
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Informally dubbed Autonomy Day, Elon Musk did what Elon Musk does and said a lot of things—this time about the company’s aggressive and definitely controversial expansion plans for autonomous technology. And lot of the things [More]
Parliamo del recente evento Tesla agli investitori riguardante il chip per la guida autonoma. – Presentazione completa – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucp0TTmvqOE – Demo FSD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlThdr3O5Qo
Tesla had its first ever Autonomy Day for investors on April 22, 2019. In this video I share thoughts on Tesla’s FSD computer/chip advancement, how their AI & neural network operate, Tesla Network ride sharing [More]
It was a big day on Monday as Tesla gave a ton of detail regarding their autonomous driving efforts and unveiled details about the chip, Tesla Vision, and the Tesla Network. In this episode, I [More]
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Deep-dive analysis on Tesla’s autonomous strategy, from the self-driving chip, to the neural network. Tesla’s vertically integrated, vision-based approach continues to prove itself in the real-world, and be validated by industry academics. When will Wall [More]
Tesla Autonomy Day was NUTS! Spent the better part of 3 hrs and 45 minutes with my jaw hanging open. The impressive new chip, impressive software, impressive, well, EVERYTHING! So this is my take on [More]
Tasha Keeney Ark investment analyst discusses her interview with Elon Musk and the Tesla timeline for full autonomous vehicles, regulation and Tesla production. For more on Elon Musk click: https://youtu.be/Wwt4Hdp-MKg https://youtu.be/31a3dvUsQHw https://youtu.be/A9uMiOOdfrM Subscribe to Yahoo [More]
Stuart Bowers, Vice President of Engineering at Tesla talks about software development and testing for self driving cars and robo-taxis.
In diesem Video sprechen wir über den “Tesla Autonomy Day” vom 22.04.2019. Elon und Tesla Executives sprechen und zeigen die Vision und Umsetzung des autonomen Fahrens mit Tesla. Von Hardware über Software bis zu Neuronalen [More]
Tesla Autopilot Full Self Driving DEMO in realtime Speed (anno 11.2016!). Ich habe mal das “alte” offizielle Tesla Autopilot 2.0 – Videoetwas “verbessert”. Die Geschwindigkeit wurde auf “realtime” angepasst und nur die wichtigste Kamera eingeblendet. [More]
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Episódio 97 (resumo do Autonomy Day): https://youtu.be/TqoF8oWHEM0 __ Tesla Autonomy Day: 22/4/2019 11am horário local / 3pm horário de Brasília Assista ao vivo: livestream.tesla.com www.youtube.com/Tesla Receba atualizações em Português: twitter.com/canalTeslaBr
__ Referências: – Apresentação completa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucp0TTmvqOE – Vídeo demo de full-self-driving: https://youtu.be/tlThdr3O5Qo – Vídeo com carregador automatizado (snake): https://youtu.be/uMM0lRfX6YI __ Índice: 1:34: Pete Bannon (designer do computador); 1:58: Detalhes do FSD (computador); 5:15: Andrej Karpathy [More]
Tesla held is Tesla Autonomy day so Tesla investors could see where Tesla is at in regards to this. Tesla earnings are coming in less than 48 hours and people are asking me if they [More]
Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s deep learning and computer vision expert talks about neural networks.
Our CEO, Rahul Sonnad, gives his preview and predictions for Autonomy Day as well as what automakers and rideshare services would need to do to catch up to Tesla and the upcoming Tesla Network. Rather [More]
2:38 – Выступление Пита Беннона (с Илоном Маском) со всеми техническими подробностями разработки чипа для Автопилота Tesla + ответы на вопросы. 41:29 – Выступление Андрея Карпатого (с Илоном Маском) о машинном обучении + ответы на [More]
TESLA Autonomy Day l Full Self-Driving Features & Demo. Tesla announced its all-new Full Self-Driving computer which Musk asserts is “objectively the best chip in the world.” Tesla has been working on its autonomous chip [More]
#Tesla stellt den neuen #AI #Chip vor der ca. 7 mal schneller ist als der “alte” #Nvidia Chip Funktionsweise der neuronalen Netze werden gut erklärt Ausblick für 2020 Ganzes Video vom Autonomy Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucp0TTmvqOE Teaser [More]
Our CEO, Rahul Sonnad, gives his thoughts and highlights on what was presented at Tesla Autonomy Investor Day such as the new FSD computer chip and Robotaxi. Own a Tesla? Learn about Tesloop’s Carmiq Network [More]
Please watch: “Tesla News! Was 2019 Tesla’s Year? Tesla Accomplishments in 2019 and beyond. Tesla a year in review.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULMfmfjprHw –~– Today {April 23rd, 2019} we review and discuss Tesla’s Autonomy Investors Day. We discuss [More]
HyperChange goes live from SF to recap Tesla’s Autonomy Investor day, featuring Matt Joyce & Julian Novais. The event was a gamechanger for my confidence in Tesla’s self-driving technology. If LIDAR really isn’t necessary .. [More]
Tesla offers two different advanced driver assistance packages to customers: Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Autopilot is ADAS that offers a combination of adaptive cruise control and lane steering and is now a standard feature on [More]
Huge news that Tesla showed us all. The future is looking awesome. Autonomy Day https://youtu.be/Ucp0TTmvqOE?t=4158 Tesla referral code https://www.tesla.com/referral/karen7537 Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/i1Tesla T-shirts https://squareup.com/store/i1tesla http://www.abstractocean.com?aff=I1Tesla Get 15% off your first order with Coupon Code – [More]
On April 22nd, Tesla will be hosting an Autonomy Investor Day at its HQ in Palo Alto. This showcase of the company’s self-driving technology, could be a game changer for the market’s perception of Tesla. [More]
Tesla Autonomy Day Presentation and Q&A from April 22. It’s pretty technical and I didn’t want to cut out the meat, so I lightly edited some questions that weren’t really answered and cut out unnecessary [More]
This “music video” was inspired by the intro music and video used for Tesla’s Autonomy Day that was streamed live on Monday, April 22nd. I really appreciated the music that was used and thought it [More]
Tesla Autonomy Day featured everything you need to know about Tesla’s progress towards Full Self Driving and RoboTaxi. The conference was over 2 hours 30 minutes long. I did my best to condense it all [More]
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Watch the ‘best of’ Tesla’s Autonomy Day in just 23 minutes without missing important details. Tesla’s Autonomy Day for investors was held on April 22, 2019. Read more: https://www.autopilotreview.com/tesla-autonomy-investor-day-full-self-driving-advancements/ This event is packed with detailed [More]
Tesla’s “autonomy day” where executives including CEO Elon Musk give investors more details about the company’s self-driving technology, known as Autopilot. Tesla switched over from Nvidia’s Drive platform to its own custom chip for the [More]
We take a closer look at Tesla’s Full Self-driving Demo that took place on Tesla Autonomy Day. // REFERRAL CODE // Buying a Tesla? Get 5,000 Miles of Fee Supercharging with our referral code! Share [More]
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Tesla Autonomy day is coming up! Is this how Tesla will be running Full Self Driving?! We expect to see something similar to this from Tesla, but real. Tune into Tesla’s YouTube channel for their [More]