‘Fast Forward with Edith’ (http://www.fastforwardwithedith.com/) in an interview program that engages in-depth conversations with the best founders, inventors and thinkers on groundbreaking technologies. This is the place to find out how these extraordinary people will [More]
A father uses Ohmni home robots to bring his family together.
Allison Sheridan interviews Dr. Tra Vu, COO, and Jared Go, CTO of Ohmnilabs about their innovative 3D printed robotic arms. Their state-of-the-art robot provides an emotional connection while allowing for interaction in a unique way. [More]
We had a fun and interesting conversation with Scott McGrew, Mark Niu, and Jacob Ward on NBC11’s Press:Here about OhmniLabs, and our vision for robots in the home environment. Press:Here is a really cool and [More]
Jared Go, co-founder of OhmniLabs, tests out the the Ohmni Arm!
OhmniLabs demonstration showing teleoperation of its new robotic arms. Video courtesy of OhmniLabs.
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We are excited to take you behind the scenes of how our robots are made – in-house, in California !