When health questions arise, the school-based nurses at your child’s school now have access to telehealth technology, made possible through Nicklaus Children’s Health System. The technology can be used to link your child and the [More]
MinuteClinic connect provides quality telehealth treatment for many common conditions using high-definition video and remote family nurse practitioners. Experience virtual care in select clinics only. This video is a dramatization of a patient visit, shortened [More]
http://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/solutions/enterprise-telehealth/home-telehealth; reduce health care costs; long-term care needs; avoiding hospitalizations: reduce hospitalization; reduce emergency room visits; philip telehealth; philips telehealth; telehealth hospitals;sustained results; elderly population; professional education; I think some of the ways that Philips [More]
Nursing Informatics
I think the biggest thing that we want to accomplish at Philips with telehealth is really improving outcomes and care of our patients, helping providers do their job more efficiently. So everything we do is [More]
http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/telehealth The Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children’s offers the latest equipment for connecting pediatric specialists here with patients and colleagues around the world. We connect medical experts and families within our region. And we [More]
Today’s healthcare providers face many challenges – lack of primary, ancillary and specialty healthcare providers as well as the geographic distance between health care communities. All of these factors continue to be significant barriers to [More]
Watch a Mercy Virtual telehealth consultation in action.
Lai Mei, a Kaiser Permanente member, is supported throughout her cancer care journey by her collaborative and highly-skilled multidisciplinary cancer care team including Dr. Norma Steiner and Dr. Katie Deming.
How technology is being used to assess and address regional needs for healthcare. With her preliminary medical background in surgery and clinical care, Dr. Gelman completed a Masters Degree in Public Health at Nova Southeastern [More]