City of San Jose/Lauren Love-Wright/Verizon 4G LTE Network

Verizon, San Jose, Mayor Sam Liccardo, smart cities, 4G LTE, wireless, small cells, 5G, fiber, digital inclusion.

We’re partnering with the city of San Jose and Mayor Liccardo to upgrade the IT infrastructure within the city.

We’re committing to deploy fiber, small cells and also smart city solutions like parking management and traffic management to really improve the lives of citizens today, but also lay the foundation for the eventual evolution of wireless.

What I really love about this deal is that it allows us to provide the best network, the best 4G LTE for our customers.

And, as wireless evolves, we have the infrastructure in place to continue to provide the experience and the service that our customers deserve and expect.

This is a model for forward-looking mayors and cities to make investment now, to improve the services now, but also lay the foundation for new technologies that are coming in the future.

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