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DTV took part as partner and live broadcaster of the Scene Awards Ceremony, a yearly celebration of the awarded demoscene productions of the previous year, per category.

Demoscene TV (DTV for short) was a web-tv project crafted by original founding members of the French Demogroup « Wipe » late in 2003. Pionnering the emergence of live streaming and HQ video services on the web, the aim of the web-tv was to promote, showcase and offer all productions from the demoscene groups in a channel based web-tv, and most important to the demoscene values, in high-quality, to the closest possible quality as when they were played live as executable files from the machine in realtime. All contents showcased remained under strict property of their creators and were used courtesy of all sceners.

Launched in May 2004 under the address link, the channel’s vision was to offer deep dives to any audience into the demoscene world.

From offering oldskool intros, demos, wild, animations and more, the service developped quickly into live streaming features, event interviews and group insights, allowing the team to travel the world to stream all demoscene major events live. 2006 was known as the « DTV Tour » year, with the staff covering 10 demoparties around the world

After a 1st step in USA covering the 2009 NVision (demoparty hosted by NVidia in San José, CA), the service celebrated its 5th birthday in 2009 at the Evoke Party in Cologne, Germany.

While the DTV staff progressively became professionnals in live TV and more, the DTV service stopped around 2010. The website having been stopped around 2014.

DTV’s team was composed of : Dax (Founder), Willbe (Ambassador), Tsr (main streaming service manager), Unison (service coder), Gol (website, video productions/FX), Bunny (live team) and its iconic host Metapat (TV presenter, host).

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