Driverless Cars Now Legal in California

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Driverless Cars Now Legal in California – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Automated driverless cars are going to be permitted on roads in California. A new law signed by California’s governor Jerry Brown will allow for the driverless cars to be tested on the road, as long as there is a licensed driver in the driver’s seat to take over in case something goes wrong. Google has come up with the automated car, a modified Toyota Prius that uses a variety of sensors, artificial intelligence steering software, and a laser rangefinder along with maps to navigate the vehicle, along with other advanced technological innovations.

Equipped with an override that allows the human driver to take over by touching the wheel or brakes, the cars are also allowed on roads in Nevada. Business Week quotes Governor Brown as saying: “Today we are looking at science fiction become tomorrow’s reality.”

So far there have been no accidents reported when the vehicles were under the computer’s control. Google noted by CNN as saying that the self driving cars would be safer and more efficient than cars controlled by humans.

What do you think – driverless cars – good or bad idea?


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