Drunk San Jose Attorney Thompson Sharkey can't handle his new YouTube fame

Pretty soon San Jose Attorney Thompson Sharkey will be a household name with his new found YouTube stardom.

Hard to believe that this Illness Spreading Germ Attorney is rebounding his career online exposing the Judicial Scam that he helped build here in Santa Clara County.

Just like your clients made some major mistakes you Sharkey are paving the way for our community to understand that the TRUE Criminals are the Lawyers and Judges that have been wrecking shop for way to long.

Under the leadership of Attorney (Not for Long) Thompson Sharkey he has turned “Snitch” and has started to expose all corruption in our Judiciary.

That’s leadership that takes courage to completely throw your legal career on the line to do the right thing.

I stand with San Jose Attorney Thompson “Shady” Sharkey….. Do you??

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