Empowering the Connected Person through IoT: Body Computing & Wearable Health Innovations

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First in our #ConnectedX series and hosted by IEEE Standards Association:
Wearables are a hot commodity today. Everywhere you look you cannot escape it – on the street we see folks wearing their Oculus Rifts or Google Glasses enabled with the latest apps; in fashion, there is more and more integration of designer technologies; and in healthcare, there is increasing usage of wearables as tools for encouraging greater overall wellness. It is no wonder then that the wearables market is expected to cross $11B by 2020 with an estimated 25% CAGR according to Marketsandmarkets.com. Key use cases for wearables are commonly considered for health (medical, wellness, fitness), industrial applications, and entertainment.
This projected market growth makes room for a great deal of beneficial possibilities as to how this technology will evolve. Integral to the evolution driven by technology convergence is a priority to balance the policy and practice considerations of privacy and identity as we move towards a hyper connected world.
In this LIVE Google+ Hangout, our expert panelists will explore such difficult and thought-provoking questions in the area of health to help us better understand the landscape of wearables and body computing today, what types of exciting innovations we should be aware of, how the underlying technologies and supporting policies on identity and privacy would need to keep pace towards a world of “Connected People,” and where they see body computing and wearables going in the future.

If you’re interested in the future of wearables and body computing, the supporting technologies, what types of cool applications and use cases could come about, or how our panelists believe the balance of technology with identities can be realized, sign up, attend and interact with us.

On 20 November 2014 we invite you to join us in an interactive and engaging dialogue around the exciting world of wearables and body computing as they relate to healthcare applications and where our experts see the technology going in the future.

You can sign up and ‘Hangout’ with us at 11:00 am ET (New York), when we will begin fielding questions in real-time from those following us on Twitter using the hashtag #ConnectedX .

If you are interested in learning more about the work that the IEEE-SA, MIG, USC, or Kantara Initiative are doing in this area, visit us at the mHealth Summit 7-11 December 2014 in Washington D.C.

About our panelists:
Our panelists bring a mix of interesting perspectives that touch upon the world of wearables. From working in the innovative spaces within healthcare to functioning as a futurist to running the leading global trade association in the MEMS industry, our speakers will provide interesting and thought provoking viewpoints.

– Dr. Leslie Saxon | Executive Director, USC Center for Body Computing
– Jay Iorio | Innovation Director, IEEE Standards Association
– Karen Lightman | Executive Director, MEMS Industry Group
– Oleg Logvinov | Director of Special Assignments, STMicroelectronics

– Joni Brennan | Kantara Initiative & IEEE-ISTO

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Hosted by the IEEE Standards Association

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