HALAL EATS | Stone Stew Restaurant (PERSIAN) | San Jose

1. Stone Stew Restaurant
398 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129

2. Haleh Pastry Shop
2265 Winchester Boulevard
Campbell, CA 95008

HALAL EATS (PERSIAN) | SF Bay Area | Stone Stew (San Jose) + Haleh Pastry (Campbell)

Super romantic dates, couples can have at two of South Bay Area’s many family-owned Persian spots.

*** Disclaimer:

We pay for all our meals. Items that are complimentary would be mentioned in our video.

(If it’s NOT mentioned that it was complimentary, then we paid for it)

Promoting these family owned establishments by featuring them on our YouTube channel is
our little way of showing support to them (hopefully).


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Produced By:

Jinan Ali
Riza Cortez

Video Cameras:

Canon G7X

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