Marriott Hotel Workers Strike In SF & US: A Class Battle For All Workers

Twenty five hundred Marriott workers went on strike in San Francisco on October 4, 2018 at 7 Marriott owned hotels in the city. This is part of a national strike of United HERE at Marriotts in Boston, Chicago, Oakland, Hawaii, San Francisco, San Jose, Detroit and other cities. Over 8,300 Marriott workers from 23 hotels have voted to authorize strike action.
San Francisco members of Unite Here Local 2 at the Marriott Marqui talked about why they are on strike and the effect of the strike on their convention hotel which is usually 100% full because of convention business.
Last year, Marriott made $1.37 billion and they are the largest hotel chain in the world after they bought the Starwood group. Workers at the Marriott hotel spent 5 years trying to organize the union against the union busting tactics of the corporation but we eventually successful.
Many of these workers have to work two and three jobs to survive in the Bay Area and this has effects on their families and health and safety. They also face long hours commuting to their jobs. They also face serious health and safety conditions on the job from room cleaners who face sexual assaults to other dangerous health and safety conditions.
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