Here is what I mean by the title. There are many roads I have not been able to use AP on in my area because the speed limit kept getting dropped or wasn’t accurate. In [More]
Federal investigators forced Tesla out of a probe of a deadly crash in California last month involving the electric carmaker’s autopilot system. The driver died after crashing into a highway barrier. “CBS This Morning” co-host [More]
can you send a totally empty Tesla thru a drive thru man lemme find out Watch another video ►… My family channel ►… My 2nd channel ► Hydra (my merch) ► [More]
Putting Tesla’s Autopilot to the ultimate test in my Model Y: Bad Los Angeles Drivers! LA drivers are notoriously bad. They drive fast, get distracted easily, and are always trying to get everywhere faster than [More]
10 videos on how Tesla Autopilot handles crashes and incidents. In this episode of Teslacam Stories we get to see Autopilot in real life, and how it avoids some gnarly events. ⚡Want to get started [More]
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Software version 9 (2018.48.12). Tesla Model 3. Nav on Autopilot in moderately heavy highway traffic. Ordering a Tesla? Get 1000 miles or 1500 km of FREE supercharging: Already ordered? Give this code to your [More]
Most people are amazed by the things that autopilot can do, but Tesla’s software is much better than it seems on the surface. Autopilot is the real deal. e-mail:
If you go to sleep on Tesla Autopilot will the Tesla keep driving? 🔔 Subscribe w/ notifications so you don’t miss videos! We did a Tesla Autopilot sleeping test a while ago and it’s now [More]