San Jose Attorney Thompson Sharkey shows the public his billing SCAM

It’s never to late to do the right thing. Now that Attorney Thompson Sharkey’s Legal career is thru he can chase after his “New Found” stardom on YouTube.

Thank you again Sharkey for providing a “Birds Eye” view into our Judicial Scam here Santa Clara County.

By “Spilling the Beans” you could very well make up for the destruction you have caused for 25 plus years screwing over the people that have it the hardest in our community.

You sure “Railroaded” a lot of good people that put their trust in your legal services.

Many of your previous clients are doing “LIFE” in prison so it might be an appropriate thing to share some of the wealth from your new found online fame.

Sharkey your a YouTube star!!!

And a Shitty lawyer…. hahahahahaah

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