What does 5G mean for IoT?

Professor Mischa Dohler, Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, Kings College London

Rather than bringing the world into our smartphones, we are now at the point of bringing comms-based technology out into the world. Which is why, despite being four or five years away from commercial deployment, we are talking about 5G now. But what does 5G mean for IoT? For a company that is looking to build a new business, roll out a new business model, around smart cities and IoT, should they be aware of how 5G will change things? When should they start planning for a 5G future?
Professor Mischa Dohler heads the Centre for Telecommunications Research at Kings College London, one of the world’s foremost research institutes for wireless and 5G technology. What is marking out 5G as different, is the realisation that the telecoms industry needs to involve verticals at an early stage, to understand their needs and help shape the standard.

Filmed at Smart IoT London, 12 April 2016

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